The Power Of Grammar

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Grammar Is The Gatekeeper To A Culture Of Power, Yet It Is Also The Power Behind The Startling Beauty And Robustness Of The English Language. In The Power Of Grammar, Mary Ehrenworth And Vicki Vinton Show You How These Two Notions Of Power Can Help Your Grammar Instruction Address The Practical And Aesthetic Needs Of Your Student Writers.

Ehrenworth And Vinton Explore The Impact Of Conventions On Writing, And They Offer You New And Compelling Ways To Show Adolescents How Informed And Purposeful Grammatical Choices Can Transform Their Writing From Competent To Original And Innovative. Through Contextualized Lessons Embedded Within Your Writing Curriculum, You'Ll Guide Students To An Understanding Of Conventional Written English, Then Show Them How To Manipulate Conventions To Produce Artful Writing.

grounded In The Latest Research And Tested In The Field, The Power Of Grammar Also Contains Resources That Support Good Teaching, Including:

a Concise, To The Point, Reproducible Primer That Highlights And Defines The Most Important And Useful Grammatical Conventions In English

A Wealth Of Mentor Texts That Allow Students To Examine Conventional And Unconventional Constructions From The Work Of Published Authors And Practice Composing Their Own Sentences Based On The Example

Detailed Samples Of Four Kinds Of Grammar Minilessons, Each Of Which Can Be Used In Their Entirety Or As A Template To Teach Any Grammatical Point

Tips For Designing And Aligning Minilessons To Those Stages Of The Writing Process Where They Best Reinforce Grammatical Concepts

Examples Of Student Work That Show You How Successful Ehrenworth And Vinton's Method Can Be.

AutoresEhrenworth, Mary; Vinton, Vicki
IdiomaInglês Americano
Ano de edição2005
Dimensões 24,00 X 19,00

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